Post-Production Services

Sound Design & Mix

Silver Sound has created, recorded, edited, and mixed sounds since 2003. Every single narrative, documentary, cartoon, audio book, radio drama, television ad, art installation, and video game we work on, regardless of budget, is given the utmost attention and love. If you can hear it in your head we can make it and play it out our speakers. Samples of our work can be heard in the portfolio.

Studio Recording

Voice Over, ADR, Foley, Music– Whether you want to call in on phone patch or Source-Connect or come to the studio in person to supervise, we’ve got you covered. Our recording booths are fully loaded, whisper quiet, and ready to go.

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Music & Composition

In many instances, it is the music in a piece that does a lot of the heavy lifting. We believe that no preexisting music will fit as perfectly as something written specifically for a project. So we do that. Silver Sound’s composers have been the backbone of films, radio dramas, documentaries and advertisements. Samples of our work can be heard in the portfolio.