Silver Sound's Cory Choy co-directed this kickin' summer jam for pop artist Sean Cooney with long time friend and director of photography Fletcher Wolfe.

Blending the sounds of Katy Perry and T-Pain with all of the party of Andrew WK, Cooney uses his crystal-clear voice and songwriter-producer skills to create infectious pop.  Join him and two beautiful mermaids as they take to the skies!


Our good friend Andres Cardona directed this video we produced for MVFFBB 4 grand prize winners Deb Oh & The Cavaliers. Massive props to Deb for managing to flawlessly sing the lyrics to this song backwards while getting pelted with a stream of cold water in 40 degree weather.

Van Eck Global Video Series

Video Editing, Direction, Production

Silver Sound has been working with Van Eck Global for years to produce, film, edit, and publish a continuing series of market analysis videos.


We produced this thumpin' video for Courtesy Tier, who were prize winners at MVFF+BB 3

Pleasure Town

So (completely coincidentally!) Spike Lee was shooting at the same time and place as we were-- doing a spoken word piece with Lemon. Instead of a cantankerous filmmaker rumble, we cordially traded takes back and forth.

Everything Is Possible


Van Cleef and Arpels 5th Ave Window Display 2012

Animation, Production

Rude Awakening

Sound Design, Original Music, Animation

This is the story of a little boy and sounds that go BUMP in the night...

Turn It Around

We produced this little video with a little band-- Lucius-- who were the grand-prize winners of MVFF+BB 2. Tearin' it up!