Silver Sound's Cory Choy co-directed this kickin' summer jam for pop artist Sean Cooney with long time friend and director of photography Fletcher Wolfe.

Blending the sounds of Katy Perry and T-Pain with all of the party of Andrew WK, Cooney uses his crystal-clear voice and songwriter-producer skills to create infectious pop.  Join him and two beautiful mermaids as they take to the skies!


Our good friend Andres Cardona directed this video we produced for MVFFBB 4 grand prize winners Deb Oh & The Cavaliers. Massive props to Deb for managing to flawlessly sing the lyrics to this song backwards while getting pelted with a stream of cold water in 40 degree weather.


We produced this thumpin' video for Courtesy Tier, who were prize winners at MVFF+BB 3

Pleasure Town

So (completely coincidentally!) Spike Lee was shooting at the same time and place as we were-- doing a spoken word piece with Lemon. Instead of a cantankerous filmmaker rumble, we cordially traded takes back and forth.

Turn It Around

We produced this little video with a little band-- Lucius-- who were the grand-prize winners of MVFF+BB 2. Tearin' it up!