The Starry Garter: A Certain Point Within A Sphere

As part of her residency at NYC's Clocktower Gallery audio artist Sabisha Friedberg staged a performance of her original work The Starry Garter: A Certain Point Within A Sphere, "a sonic poem for radio that combines elements of sound art, radio theater, film, and music". Silver Sounders Robin Shore and Ted Robinson provided live hand-made sound effects for the performance which was staged in front of a studio audience and broadcast over the internet through ARTonAIR radio.

Jill Magid - The Status of the Shooter

Silver Sound provided recording, editing, and mixing services, as well as technical design for the audio video playback system of artist Jill Magid's work The Status of the Shooter.  A multi-disciplinary, audio and visual installation that examines the response and aftermath of a victimless shooting at The University Texas.

Gillian Wearing - People

Conceptual artist Gillian Wearing uses video, and photography to examine the private and public persona's of her various subjects. For Wearing's solo show People at NYC's Tanya Bonakdar Gallery Silver Sound designed and installed audio and video playback systems for several different art-pieces..

Untitled #100 (Fantasia) & Untitled #105 (SFDF)

Sound Design, Mix

In Untitled#100 artist Josh Azzarella removed all performers from Michael Jackson's Thriller video, leaving behind a disjointed montage of fog rolling through abandoned spaces. For Untitled#105 Azzarella applied the same technique to the 1933 Film King Kong. Silver Sound was tasked with the interesting challenge of re-imagining the soundscapes of the empty environments that remain after the artist has put his eraser to these iconic works.