Still Here

Production Sound, Sound Design, Mix

An immersive, multimedia installation exploring incarceration, erasure and gentrification through the lens of one woman who returns to Harlem after 15 years in prison. The use of interactive VR and AR technologies brings to life this heartfelt story about the reclaiming of space and identity in a changing black community.

The Hidden Worlds of National Parks

Production Sound, Sound Design, Mix

Go behind the scenes with Silver Sound and Google in this short documentary about our sound work for The Hidden Worlds Of National Parks.

The Hidden World's of National Parks is an interactive documentary in honor of the NPS Centennial. You can immerse yourself in 360-degree video tours through some of the most remote and breathtaking places in five different National Parks.

Long Shot

Sound Design, Mix

Juan Catalan was arrested for a murder he didn't commit. To save his life, all he had to do was prove he was one of 56,000 people at a Dodgers Game that night. That's where Larry David comes in....

Long Shot, now streaming on Netflix.

Holocaust Survivor Band

Sound Design, Mix

We provided sound design for this touching portrait of two senior citizens that started a band instead of retiring.


Sound Design, Mix

A careful mix of screeches, rumbles, and reverberant clangs helped create a horror like sound-scape for explorer Steve Duncan's adventures in the underground tunnels of NYC's subways and sewers. Silver Sound mixer Robin Shore was also faced with the difficult challenge of maintaining clear, intelligible dialogue against the backdrop of roaring subway cars passing only a few feet away from the intrepid filmmakers.

You Have the Right to an Attorney

Production Sound, Sound Design, Mix

Pristine location recordings from SIlver Sounders Ted Robinson and Reed Adler helped Robin create a crystal clear final mix for filmmaker Matt Bockelman's short documentary about a group of public defenders in the South Bronx.