Oreo Nomsters

Sound Design, Mix

We helped Oreo celebrate Halloween last year with sound design this charming series of "nomster" videos, which were named adweeks ad of the day.

Play With Tradition

Sound Design, Mix

Poppin "Rennovation"

Sound Design, Mix

Jew's harps, slide whistles, xylophones and more helped bring life to inanimate objects in our sound design on this spot for office supply retailer Poppin.

Sous Chef Series

Sound Design, Mix

The creative team at Tasting Table needed an opening sequence that would whet the appetite of their viewers. We started out using our extensive library for a bed of kitchen-specific sounds. Next, we sprinkled in a few key foleys. Finally, we had VO artist Katie Fuller come in and exhale a delicious series of sounds , the best of which can be heard at the end of the clip.

Gatorade - Nigel Sylvester "Perfect Moment"

Production Sound, Sound Design, Mix

For this Gatorade spot we started with location recordings from Silver Sounder Hunt Beaty, then layered in sounds to make the movements seem larger than life. Listen for the timpani roll when Nigel runs his pegs along the rail, or the sound of cracking vegetables as he tightens his grip on the handle bars..