Production Sound Equipment List


Zaxcom Nomad 10, Zaxcom Maxx, Sound Devices 664, Sound Devices 633, Sound Devices 788T, Sound Devices 552, Edirol R-44 w/ Custom Pre-Amps, Tascam HD-P2, Tascam DR-40, Sony PCM-M10 and more…


Sound Devices 442, Sound Devices 302, PSC AlphaMix, Wendt X3, Mackie CR1604-VLZ


Zaxcom QRX200 Receivers, Zaxcom LA2.5 Transmitters, Zaxcom 742 Plug-On Transmitter, Lectrosonics UCR411A Receivers,  Lectrosonics SM Series Transmitters, Lectrosonics UM Series Transmitters, Lectrosonics UH400 Plug-On Transmitters, Sennheiser 2000 Series, G3, and G2 Series, Comtek 216 Series IFB, Lectrosonics IFB receivers, Zaxcom ERX2TCD IFB


Sanken CS3-e, Sanken CSS-5, Schoeps CMC641, Schoeps CMC640, Sennheiser MKH 70, Sennheiser MKH 60, Sennheiser MKH 50, Oktava 012, Sennheiser MKH 816, Sanken CUB-1, Shure SM58, Electrovoice RE-20, Sennheiser Evolution e835, Groove Tubes GT-33, Rode NTG-3, Countryman B6 Lavaliers, Sanken COS-11 Lavaliers, Tram TR-40 Lavaliers


Denecke Sync Boxes, Denecke Smart Slates, Dummy Slates, Sound Carts, Assorted Pelican Cases, Studio Microphones, Boom Poles, Microphone Stands, Sound Devices HX-3 Headphone Amp, JBL EON PA System, Portable Playback Speakers, Remote Audio BDS Systems, Petrol, Kortwich, and Portabrace Audio Bags… and more.