2 weeks ago

Crystal Arnette and her scene partner Noah really “killed it” at the #SilverSound Design Crash Course today with badass live fight choreography! Ended with a fatal throat hit!

3 weeks ago

Oh hello there, most prestigious Telly Awards. Why, yes, we WILL be happy to take four of your highest honors! Big ups to Hunt Beaty, Wesley Wingo, and Andrés Cardona for making such incredible ... See more

4 weeks ago

10 Silver Telly Awards were given out in our category this year. The Silver Sound team brought home 4 of them.

1 month ago
Silver Sound Sound Design Crash Course

After the overwhelmingly positive response to our sound design event at Adorama we have decided to offer a Sound Design Crash Course here at #SilverSoundStudios. Want to learn the ropes from an Emmy ... See more

Hello! I had such a positive response to my sound design event at Adorama that I decided to offer this class to the general public. Although I have taught Sound Design at Brooklyn College in the ... See more

1 month ago
In Color | Comedy // Featured Short Film

Uh oh. He's on to me. Where should I go? THE 24 hour barbershop, that's where. New haircut, new fearless attitude.

Longtime collaborator director Andres Cardona takes us for a whirl around NYC. Ah, ... See more

A woman on the run goes to a 24 hour barbershop to get a midnight makeover and befriends a 16 year old barber's apprentice

1 month ago
The Sound of Your Voice: Sound design demonstration

Curious about sound design? Are you making a movie in NYC? Our very own Cory Choy is doing a demonstration and Q&A today at 5PM at Adorama in NYC, along with a screening of friend and Silver director ... See more

Joins us for this fascinating look at the creative potential of sound and how it is used to evoke emotion, reflect moods and mark action

1 month ago
DIVA: Making the Google Assistant more accessible

Very proud of this spot we mixed for Google.
Directed by filmmaker and friend Jacob LaMendola.

Watch how one Googler made it possible for his younger brother Giovanni, who is non-verbal, to use the Google Assistant, and learn more about the research th...

1 month ago
Silver Sound Gram!

Come at us. We’re ready. @Zaxcom wireless = #unstoppable #SilverSound @schoepsmikrofone

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