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2 years ago
NJ Lottery | Super 50 LBZ Promotion | Scratch-Offs Division

Feeing lucky?! We are, because our newest Silver Sounder Lauren Banjo keeps on KILLING IT. Here's her latest work ona spot for NJ Lotto. Oh that sweet, sweet pandemic mask sound. lol. ... See more

Super 50 Second Chance! One winner. Every day. $300 of Scratch-Offs! Enter your non-winning Super 50 Scratch-Offs into the Lottery Bonus Zone for the chance ...

2 years ago

We love this job because sometimes we get to record living legends like Wynton Marsalis. Our very own Tarcisio Longobardi had the privilege to record this moment in both magnificent mono and supreme ... See more

2 years ago
#HomeIsHere - Catalina’s Story

Catalina is inspirational, strong. American. We are proud to help tell her story along with United We Dream.

Catalina Velasquez is a Colombian Trans woman who has lived in the United States ever since she was 14 years old. Her family fled Colombia following civil wa...

2 years ago
#HomeIsHere - Sana's Story

We are proud of our work with United We Dream and we are grateful to be a part of such creative and diverse communities in NY, LA, DC and Boston!

Sana is a designer and innovator born in Pakistan, and she is a DACA recipient. Right now, she is helping fight for DACA because her #HomeIsHere. Three court...

2 years ago
Ramon Rivas' Experience Being a White Man in Edinburgh | STORYLINES

Oops, we made something really awesome with director Josh Shayne and Goodworker.

Watch this series and laugh/cry/craff.

Bring back pizza.

Ramon Rivas tells a story about traveling to perform at a comedy festival in Edinburgh. He is surprised to find that, unlike in America, the Scottish perceive him as a white man. He moves through the ... See more

2 years ago
Students Imagine What Post-Pandemic Life Looks Like as High School Seniors

These children are the future. Getting ready for the future. Taking the current situation in stride.

This is an incredibly moving, relevant, and important series produced by our friends at Redglass ... See more

“By the time you open this, I hope they will have found a cure for the coronavirus, so I can hug my grandparents.”

2 years ago
How to Make a Film During a Plague

Director Chadd Harbold made a movie! We did the post sound! It won an award! Woop woop! Watch the movie and read about the making-of ... See more

Director and producer Chadd Harbold outlines how he's got back to work during the pandemic, and also shares his new short, Close Contact.

2 years ago

We could not be more excited to bring Lauren Banjo on to the Silver Sound team!

Here she is KILLING IT (there's a story) on our most recent shoot with One X Studios. Wow, production really is ... See more

2 years ago

We are proud to be joining our partners at DS SIMON to help broadcast the Democratic National Convention to the world this week.

2 years ago
Love, Chinatown

Movies like Love, Chinatown are why we love independent films and filmmaking.

Congrats to director Karen Yung and producer Jesse Ash. Proud to be part of your team.

When New York City’s Chinatown was hit hard early on in January 2020 due to the coronavirus, partners Moonlynn Tsai and Yin Chang weren’t content to…

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