3 months ago
Vote for the best of the Internet

Not only did we do all of the post sound work on "DIVA", but our very own Reed Adler produced it, along with director Jacob LaMendola and DP Gus Sacks. Now, you can vote for "DIVA" at The Webby ... See more

I just voted in The Webby People's Voice Awards and checked my voter registration.

3 months ago
Opinion | You Need Something New to Watch. What About the Universe?

"The Sound of Gravity"

It is incredibly satisfying and gratifying to be able to share our work with Redglass Pictures with you today... featured prominently on the The New York Times website, no ... See more

Discover the boundaries of science — from your couch.

4 months ago
Safe Delivery With Ben Sinclair

Important PSA from our friends at #GreenerMedia and #BenSinclair

Stay safe people and follow Ben’s tips 1. Order delivery from a place that’s taking the pandemic seriously - protecting employees safety first 2. Tip…

4 months ago
Silver Sound Showdown: Music + Video Festival

Tune in at 8PM for our premiere!

The apocalyptic winning collaboration between Valipala, Kaz Phillips, and Silver Sound Studios - END OF JULY - premieres tonight at 8PM!

We had no idea how prescient it would ... See more

4 months ago
Netflix's Mindhunter: Skywalker's audio adds to David Fincher's vision - postPerspective

Extremely proud of our very own Pat Birk, who is continuing his audio engineer on audio engineer interview series with postPerspective.

Get an inside look at the audio and audio team working with ... See more

Sound plays a crucial role in setting the tone of Mindhunter and heightening tension through each narrative arc. I recently spoke to rerecording mixers Scott Lewis and Stephen Urata as well as ... See more

4 months ago
I Hate Corona

A very important video message from Silver Sound's engineer and German Industrial DJ Ash Knowlton in regards to Covid:

#NYCLockDown Y'all

4 months ago

Silver Sounder Cory Choy had the distinct honor of being the (remote) guest lecturer on the subject of post sound for Billy Feldman's film class at Ithaca College today!

Storytelling during the ... See more

4 months ago
Orville Peck covers 'I Will Always Love You' Dolly Parton (Concert 4 No 1) | VFILES LOUD

First of all, we are really jazzed to be collaborating with the good folks at VFILES. Second, peep this incredible live session with Orville Peck that we captured: ... See more

Orville Peck blesses our ears with a cover of 'I Will Always Love You' by Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston for 'Concert 4 No 1' here @ 12 Mercer HQ Follow Orvill...

5 months ago
The Boy Who Sold The World

Very proud to announce that a film we're mixing, The Boy Who Sold the World, will be in competition at SXSW this year.

SXSW 2020 Schedule | Ben Pasternak created a viral game app while in middle school in Australia. By 15 he had secured funding from VC’s to build a new tech startup. So Ben dropped out of school and ... See more

5 months ago
Justin Bieber

Tarcisio Longobardi and Louis Gordon rocked playback on the NYC music video for Justin Bieber's upcoming dance video series with OBB MEDIA!

Here's the trailer. We'll share our video when it drops on ... See more

#ChangesTheMovement starts now. 2 videos from the #changes album every Monday and Wednesday from the minds of some of my favorite choreographers and dancers. Thanks nick demoura OBB MEDIA SB Projects ... See more

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