STILL HERE at Sundance

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We’re pleased to announce that our AR collaboration with Al-Jazeera, Still Here, will be premiering as a Sundance 2020 New Frontiers Exhibition! Still Here is an immersive, multimedia installation exploring incarceration, erasure and gentrification through the lens of one woman who returns to Harlem after 15 years in prison. The use of interactive VR and AR technologies brings to life this heartfelt story about the reclaiming of space and identity in a changing black community.

BREAKING NEWS: Silver Sound Works on Awesome Podcast. Bedtime Stories!!!

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Bedtime Stories Art

Listen to one of our favorite things in the world: Bedtime Stories Podcast! We could not be happier about the launch of this Incredibly fun improvised storytelling show. The first 6 episodes are available right now for your listening pleasure at Fun for all ages!


3 Bits of Sound Advice for Today’s Filmmakers

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3 Bits of Sound Advice for Today’s Filmmakers

(#3 Will Change the Way You Listen to Things Forever i.e. Blow Your Mind)

Silver Sound has been busy all winter long– working hard to bring you this carefully compiled list of super-professional Pro Tips that will forever change the way you make movies– for the rest of your life! Click the video below to see tip number 3!

TIP NO. 1:
Need good underwater noises? Use high quality microphones!

TIP NO. 2:
Use magnets to your advantage.

TIP NO. 3:
Click the video below to learn about super-secret Pro Tip #3

HP Sprout and Silver Sound

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Silver Sounder Ted Robinson was happy to provide on set VO for this series of advertisements for HP’s new multimedia computer SPROUT. In order to capture each artist in their element Ted constructed on-set VO booths inside of each artists studio on the day of the shoot. The result is an intimate look into the working environments of three prolific creators at the top of their game. Check out joshua davis below.

Peter Vack’s SEND wins the Grand Jury Prize at San Francisco Shorts festival

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bad manSound was Recorded, Designed and Mixed by Silver Sound. Congratulations to all the incredible people that lent their talents to this film.

New Gear. New Show.

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In preparation for Halloween, Silver Sound mixer Ryan King has been getting in touch with the ghosts of ancient civilizations while shooting for the forthcoming History Channel show, Search for the Lost Giants.

The show follows the quest of two stonemason brothers to unearth the remains of a lost race of giants and Ryan got a chance to put our flashy new Zaxcom gear to the test when the brothers went excavating deep below the surface. Look out for the show’s premiere on November 4th and check out more info over at The History Channel’s official page.


Halloween’s around the corner!

October 20, 2014 Oct 20 2014 Posted in

Why not divert your attention from your work to watch this spooky video Silver Sound helped make? It’s being entered into this cool film festival. Speaking of cool film festivals the deadline for entries for the SILVER SOUND SHOWDOWN is NOVEMBER 14th!!! Enter now!!

Three New Short Films

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We we’re busy last month completing Post-production work on slew of short films here at Silver Sound.

Dan Przygoda’s psychological thriller Deadline tells follows a tense standoff that unfolds over the course of an episode of nightly political opinion show.

Scent Memory, directed by longtime friend and fellow sound mixer Joe Origlieri, chronicles one man’s farcical attempts at navigating his cable companies tech support hotline whilst attempting to purge himself of some unpleasant memories

John Nijhawan’s Childhood Mammaries tells the tale of a boy from a bygone era on a journey to witness God’s greatest creation (the female form), and the heavy price he pays for his transgressions.


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F44305 (1)
We are proud to announce that Peter Vack’s short film SEND will be playing as part of the Narrative Short Film Program at SXSW. Silver Sound was happy to provide both production AND post-production sound services on this amazing film exploring the dread and stress involved with using the internet. Congrats Peter!

Sound for justWink

February 6, 2014 Feb 06 2014 Posted in

Silver Sound provided production sound on this hilarious advertisement produced by the always awesome Production Company Productions. This video has a “choose your own adventure” feature that you’ll either love or completely miss.

Good luck!