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Silver Sound is an Emmy Award-winning NYC post-production sound studio and team of location sound mixers dedicated to providing an incomparable level of professionalism and artistry in everything we do.

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Silver Sounders are proud to be some of the best dang audio engineers in town. Come meet the team!

Cory Choy

A founding member of Silver Sound, Emmy Award-winning Cory Choy has been pushing the audio limits since 2003.  He has crisscrossed the globe with the likes of director and activist Iara Lee, explorer and TV host Richard Wiese, and trouble-and-movie-maker Andrew Wonder as a production sound mixer; he has been supervising sound designer for folks such as indie horror legend Lloyd Kaufman and actor/producer Max Casella ; and he has mixed countless commercial spots, animations, documentaries and narrative films for people and companies from fine artist Josh Azzarella to director Musa Syeed to Pitchfork Magazine. Driven by a desire to excel in his craft and a belief that he can always learn more, Cory has never been afraid to go off the beaten path: he was an early adopter of both Sony Vegas and the groundbreaking DAW REAPER from Cockos, has been a proponent of the game-changing Zaxcom Nomad, and is constantly searching for and thinking about new and better ways to record, edit, create, and mix sound.

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Robin Shore

Robin G Shore moved to New York City in 2002 to attend school. Originally hoping to be an animator, Robin quickly switched his focus to audio after being handed a boom pole and a DAT recorder on the set of a student film during his freshman year of college . Initially concentrating on location recording, Robin soon branched out into the world of studio recording and post-production. These days he can typically found in Silver Sound's Flatiron studio slaving away behind a computer monitor and a set of loudspeakers.

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Luke Allen

Luke Allen is a Brooklyn-based composer, sound designer, and audio engineer.  A founding member of the Silver Sound team, Luke has lent his ear to a wide range of productions since 2005.  Luke's love for music comes from his training as a classical pianist and as a self-taught guitarist and drummer. After spending time in Austin TX and Durham NC, he is happy to call New York home again and is excited to be involved in projects big and small.
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Theodore Robinson

Sound Man.
Loves to travel.

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Hunt Beaty

Hunt Beaty is from Nashville, Tennessee. He decided he liked listening to things at New York University's Film School. He joined Silver Sound back in 2008 and since then he's worked for a slew of people cooler than him (Funny or Die, Birchbox, Oscar de la Renta) and travelled the world recording sound with ABC's 'Born to Explore.' In his free time, he'd rather be climbing a mountain somewhere.

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Peter Dodenhoff

Born and raised in the wilds of suburban NJ Peter quickly discovered he was passionate about making noise. After playing instruments for most of his life he grew to find that recording sounds interested him just as much as making them. After graduating from SAE Institute New York in 2011, where he learned audio engineering, he quickly joined the Silver Sound team as an intern just a few weeks after graduation. Peter now spends his time doing production sound and working as Silver Sound's in house gear tech / fixer.

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Bryan Osborne

Bryan originally hails from the West Coast, in Washington State, and his knowledge of digital audio goes back to the 1990s when he started experimenting and composing with early digital audio applications, workstations, and synthesizers. He moved to New York City in 2005 where he was trained in Audio Engineering and Recording at the Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan, and after working as a Video Editor and Audiobook Producer, he joined Silver Sound in 2009 where he plays the roles of Sound Editor and Recording Engineer. From sound design to voiceovers to podcast production, Bryan's got you covered!

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Reed Adler

Reed has been with our company since 2009 and has been mixing audio professionally since attending college at New York University for Film and Television.  Along with production sound, Reed is also a filmmaker, currently producing a feature doc and has produced numerous music videos and short form documentaries.  His work has been featured in the New York Times, on MTV2, and in Cannes Film Festival.  He is a lifelong musician and currently plays guitar in The Sound is Fine.  Reed has been a production sound mixer for Food Network, PBS, MTV, Nat Geo, Science Channel, and commercials for Nike, Can Am, Febreeze, and dozens of other narratives, docs, and industrials.

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Claudio Santos

Claudio Santos is a sound nomad that found his house here at Silver Sound after long wanderings that took him across the film industry in Brazil, the UK and finally the USA. Curious by nature, he is often found tinkering with new technologies , plugins and techniques, and has been know to spend more time in his DAW than he does doing anything else, including sleeping.

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Benjamin Berger

With an intense obsession with digital technology, music and filmmaking, it only made sense for Benjamin to pursue a career in mixing sound for picture. He began exploring the dark underbelly of the NYC production sound scene in 2009 while attending New York University's Film and Television program. From there, he went on to mix countless projects, from narratives to documentaries, commercials to corporate videos, and everything in between. As a filmmaker himself, whether he's mixing on set or sound editing and designing in post, Benjamin has a deep understanding of what filmmakers want and need, and how to achieve those goals.
Benjamin currently lives in Astoria, Queens and is a part of I.A.T.S.E. Local 52 as a sound mixer, boom operator, and sound utility. Recent credits include 30 Rock, Project Runway All Stars, and the upcoming feature film, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.


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Matthew Betlej

Sound Mixer Matthew Betlej's whereabouts are currently unknown. He was last sighted traveling towards the remote arctic regions of Greenland with the crew of Animal Planet's Ice Cold Gold. We expect him to reemerge sometime this fall at which point you can expect to read his full bio right here.

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Ryan King

Ohioan émigré, Ryan first arrived to New York City in 2007. He attended the Tisch School of the Arts where foundations were laid for an obsession with all things sound. Set loose among a new arsenal of equipment, he took to experimenting with sound design for film before choosing to focus on production sound. He joined forces with Silver Sound in 2010. His passion for sound developed in tandem with a love of writing and directing and he strives to integrate this grasp of the full workflow while in the field. Whether scripted narrative or run-and-gun, Ryan will set up your post team to succeed.

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Brennan McVicar

Brennan has been recording sound on location for the past six years.  He has mixed commercials and branded content for companies like Vitamin Water, Stella Artois, and Sony; he has mixed narrative short and feature films featuring Elijah Wood, Kristen Wiig, Ben Stiller, and Metta World Peace. He loves the challenges of recording in uncontrolled spaces and the privilege of capturing interesting, engaging, and dramatic moments.

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