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It is our great joy to report the sound mix for Josh Shayne’s short PROM NIGHT is now finished. We were happy to provide both production AND post audio services on the piece.  It will be making the festival circuit in 2014. Congrats Josh!

Day is Done debuts on Governor’s Island

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Day is Done, a permanent sound art installation on Governor’s Island conceived by Turner prize winning artist Susan Philipsz, had it’s debut showing last week as part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg'[s tree planting ceremony to  mark the completion of the new Ligget Terrace section of the Island’s parklands. Silver Sound has been working with Susan for over two years to help design and implement the artwork which will be hear on the Island for one hour every evening, from now until eternity

Jill Magid: Woman with Sombrero

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Last month we had the pleasure of working with fine artist Jill Magid to record and edit the audio component for her latest work Woman with Sombrero, a multimedia exhibition which examines the legacy of famed Mexican architect Luis Barragan.  The work had it’s debut last week at lower Manhattan’s Art in General, and will be on display through December 21st.


MVFF+BB 5 Is Open For Submissions!

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Submissions are now open for the 5th Annual Silver Sound Music Video Film Festival & Band Battle (MVFF+BB 5). Submit your awesome music video or band to

The Silver Sound MVFF+BB is actually two simultaneous events: it is a music video festival AND a battle of the bands. We will showcase 21 of the best music videos and 5 of the best bands anywhere, ever.

The director of the winning music video is paired up with the winning band. Silver Sound produces them a music video worth over $10,000. Boom.

MVFF+BB 5 will return to Brooklyn Bowl on January 15th, 2014. 61 Wythe Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211.

Born To Explore: Indonesia!

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Silver Sounders Hunt Beaty and Cory Choy have had the pleasure and honor of being a part of the Born To Explore team since season one. They have traveled all over the world (Chile, Cyprus, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, Scotland and more!)

Host Richard Wiese has shown us everything from how to make a ninja sun hat to what mopane worms taste like.

On this last shoot in Indonesia, we spoke to our friends at FNPF about the rain forests of Borneo, preserving the orangutan, and the Bali Starling.