Sound guys can also do video?

September 26, 2013 Sep 26 2013 Posted in

In 2012 Silver Sounder Matthew Betlej headed to the New Mexico desert to film areas that were used for the testing of the first nuclear bombs.
Two sound designers/composers (Biosphere & Lustmord) were with him to take field recordings for compositions that were then used in this installation that traveled to several electronic music festivals around the world:

“TRINITY is a unique collaboration between Biosphere and Lustmord that explores the first tests of nuclear weapons in the New Mexico desert.

The trailer features a tantalizing glimpse into the music of Biosphere and Lustmord, in which the distinctive sound of each artist can be heard, entwining with the other. Video assembled by Berlin-based video artists MFO features landscapes from New Mexico specially shot by Matthew Betlej as well as archival footage from the 1940s.

The first presentation of TRINITY took place at Unsound Festival New York, followed by Communikey Festival in Boulder, Colorado and MUTEK Festival 2012 in Montreal. The Unsound date on October 19th marks the European premiere of the project.”