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Here are Silver Sounders Peter Dodenhoff and Ted Robinson on location with Rick Rodger’s new feature "SWEETS." They’ve both been having a great time keeping up with this amazing director. Whether it’s shooting super wide, or 2 handheld rigs running in and out of buildings, Peter and Ted have been capturing great sound and great dialogue for this great film!

Ted and Pete


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We spent our July with some very cool people!   Over the course of this month,  Reed and Hunt joined Director/DP Matt Bockelman of Fly’s Eye Films for a documentary shoot about famed fashion designer, Valentino, and his first ever experience designing costumes for the New York City Ballet.


The second week in July, Reed was doubled over in laughter all week, working on a new comedy pilot for MTV, featuring some damn funny female comedians.  Produced by Dan Powell (Ugly Americans, Colbert Report) and written by Jessi Klein (Stella, Chapelle’s Show).  Our fingers are crossed that they greenlight this thing.  It was beyond funny.   

The past two weeks, Brennan and Reed learned about 110 different hairstyles on a shoot for Tresemme with celebrity hairstylist, Tyler Laswell, produced by our friends at Feral.  Look out for these videos on Tresemme’s Youtube page in the next few months.   For all of our lady readers, this will be the perfect way to discover step-by-step instructions on 110 new styles, while watching hair-genius Tyler Laswell show you the way!

There are many more exciting projects coming our way next month.  Expect a surfing trip to Mexico on a documentary, a PBS special, more MTV3 than you could possibly handle, and our own Jeff Santana will be shooting with Iggy Pop!   Stay tuned, fellow Sound Enthusiasts!


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We are really proud to say that we helped artist Jill Magid with sound for her installation, The Status of the Shooter, at Yvon Lambert in Paris. Check it out next time you’re out there!


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The Harrison Instruments Theremins are different in that they use two plates instead of a plate and a rod. We find that ours has been pretty intuitive! Want a demonstration? Want to try it out? Come by the studio and check out our model 302! Oh yeah, if you don’t know what a Theremin is, it is an instrument that is played without physical contact! Great for sound effects and music!


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We’ve been working with the awesome folks at REDGLASS PICTURES. Their little short starring Ken Burns (mixed by us!) has been making a few internet ripples! Watch out for more engaging content from these guys!


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We’ve been working with Director Yoni Brook on some spots in a gazillion different languages for the old FaceBook. Here is UK-accented VO talent Nicola Barber in the booth!


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Silver Sounder Matthew Betlej recently returned back from Scherpenzeel, Netherlands after working as sound mixer on an educational documentary about sustainability.



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It’s hard to write a funny movie. It’s hard to make a movie in one take (in your apartment). It’s hard to also be this beautiful . That has not stopped Julie Sharbutt from totally doing all of those things at the same time! Silver Sound is proud to announce that we’ll be wrapping up the sound mix for Julie’s Feature Film Moved at the end of this month! Here’s a still from production. Tears of JOY!

Julie Sharbutt