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Film Fight Winners Announced

Congratulations to Matt Kliegman and Alice Bonvicini, winners of our 2010 Silver Sound Film Fight. Both of them will receive a host of post-production sound services on their films currently in production.

Matt Kliegman’s short film Bomb Fetish takes place at a boutique assisted suicide facility for the worlds greatest Army Generals. Instead of chemicals, these prestigious men are offered a once in a lifetime experience to engage in the most succulent of all carnal indulgences. For in the deep subterranean chambers of this facility each man is allowed to discover his essence in a sexual exchange between himself and the raw power of a 500 megaton nuclear explosive. 


Alice Bonvicini’s documentary The Accumulator  is a critical homage to Wilhelm Reich, the controversial twentieth century Austrian intellectual known for his radical scientific theories and work in reconceptualizing social norms.