November 24, 2009 Nov 24 2009 Posted in

Katie Holmes, Anna Paquin, Josh Duhamel, Elijah Wood, and Adam Brody are all working on the romantic comedy The Romantics currently filming on Long Island.  Silver Sound will now be on set with them providing sound for the behind the scenes portion! 

The associated press told us that Suri will be on set, but no Tommy boy.  He’s currently filming in Austria :.(


November 19, 2009 Nov 19 2009 Posted in

Second time on set with our friend, supercomedian/musician Reggie Watts.  He was shooting a new sketch.  Can’t wait to see it!


November 11, 2009 Nov 11 2009 Posted in

We just finished mixing the sound for our friends at Last Pictures new film One Night Only, starring  Garrett Dillahunt and SNL’s Kristen Wiig.  Grrrrrrrrrl can act!

P.S. the premiere screening is this Saturday, 11/14, along with two other Last Pictures shorts, followed by a sweeeeeet soiree!  We’ll be there… will you?


November 2, 2009 Nov 02 2009 Posted in

Robert Oppel, nephew of probably the world’s most famous streaker, Robert Opel, worked with us in post to perfect the doc he created about his uber fab uncle.  Beyond streaking the Oscars in 1974, Uncle Bob was a prominent figure in the gay rights movement and the owner of Fey-Way Studios in San Francisco, which helped bring homosexual artists like Robert Mapplethorpe to national attention.

To celebrate his life and accomplishments, let’s all go to work in the buff tomorrow!

…yeah, I’m not going to either.