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Robin had the pleasure of recording ADR in our Flatiron studios for Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis.


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Both Erica and Kevin recently worked on set production with the upcoming Mellody Hobson (Good Morning America’s financial consultant) ABC special Un-Broke.  Kevin specifically provided sound on the Samuel Jackson comedic short.  Watch closely and you may even catch Erica filling in as an “actor.”


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Look who has updated the social networking pages… SILVER SOUND.


Come visit us elsewhere on the web.

Silver Sound Studios’s Facebook Page

Silver Sound Studios's Facebook Page


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We just wrapped providing sound for an entire season of the Fanny Pak (MTV’s Best Dance Crew Season 2) television series. 

This was an insane rig.  Eight or more wireless mics running at once with a roaming wireless boom – to four cameras.  Ohhh… and the cast was hip hop dancing while chatting.


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Silver Sound welcomes three new members to our staff!

We’d like you to meet:


Erica is our new Studio Manager/PR person.  She comes to us from both a television/film production background and a musical one.  You might know her from the short-lived The All-For-Nots, a Michael Eisner/Dinosaur Diorama mock-u-mentary about a touring indie rock band.  Maybe?  Well, she is now our in-house drummer… and she keeps things organized… We know, that does seem like an oxymoron.


Thomas Byrd is one of our new Production Sound engineers.  He graduated with a film degree from NYU.  Super professional, super driven, super duper.


Lucas Lee is also one of our new Production Sound engineers.  Lucas received his Audio/Radio degree from Emerson College in Boston.  He then interned in Los Angeles for the academy award winning

post-production sound facility, Danetracks, Inc., where he recorded and edited sound effects for films like Lord Of War, Fearless and Ghost Rider.  After more real world experience, he now works for us.

YAY for the new people!



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Silver Sound records the Noisettes at Pianos Bar. The crowd was loving it, the vibe was just right, even we got lost in the music. If there is one lesson to be learned from this, never, ever upset the Rhythm.



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Silver Sound is proud to be one of the sponsors for RIPFEST!  If you’ve never checked the project out before, you should.  These people are reinventing the movie musical – in ten minutes or less.  This years festival is screening on Tuesday May 26th at the Anthology Film Archives – 32 Second Avenue @ 2nd Street (7:00pm; 8:15pm; 9:30pm – after-party to follow!)  We’ll be there, maybe you’ll join us?