September 10, 2008 Sep 10 2008 Posted in

So maybe you haven’t seen much new news here in a while, but it hasn’t been because there hasn’t been much news. It’s been because there has been so much news that we haven’t had time to update the news section! A quick rundown of some of the things that the Silver Sound team has been involved in in the past weeks:

Composer Cameron Bossert completed the composition of a string quartet that was filmed and performed in front of a live audience by the redoubtable JACK QUARTET. Silver Mixers have worked with THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, Japanese pop sensation DREAMS COME TRUE, and Beatboxing maven KID LUCKY. Post Production has started on Ron Brown’s feature film CONSENT. Silver Production mixers Kevin Pate, David Bellarosa, Cory Choy, and Robin Shore have finished recording on set for feature film GILBONIOUS, as well as recorded for BEHIND THE STAR— a tv series featuring Michael Stahl David. Silver Sound’s Sam Goldman has worked with stage micing for SOLAR ONE and the FLEA THEATRE. British artist RYAN GANDER and the TANYA BONAKDAR GALLERY have consulted with us for their latest exhibition, along with JORDAN WOLFESON and the SWISS INSTITUTE.

And that’s just a taste. We’ll be back with links and pictures as soon as we have a spare moment!